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Blue Water Facility e.U.

Mst.in Lule (Julia) Moučka-Berisha

Born in Kosovo, I have been living in Austria since 1997 and I am an Austrian citizen.

Since then, I have worked almost continuously in retail for the past 10 years as a department head.

Why Julia
My given name "Lule" means flower, but already in my first job I was called Julia, that's why all my customers call me so.
Yours sincerely Julia!

I started the business as a caretaker 2016 under my former brand "Hausbetreuung Julia", but my goal was to take the master craftsman examination of monument, facade and building cleaner in order to register the regulated trade!

2019 I graduated the master craftsman examination,
including the instructor exam.

On January 1st, 2020 I registered my new company, which fulfills the requirements as a monument, facade and building cleaner

My motto: Professional cleaning consists of knowledge and ability!